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Arbidol use status:
Influenza (Flu) Approved use
SARS Approved use
Hepatitis C Lab Proven
Chikungunya Lab Proven
Ebola Lab Proven
Zika Testing*

Zika Testing*
We are seeking lab testing of Arbidol (ARB) with Zika. Arbidol will be provided without cost to any lab for Zika testing. NMR and LC/MS tested Arbidol. Contact: Professor Steve Polyak Tel: 206.897.5224 University of Washington Medical Research.

Arbidol has been administered for decades in Russia and China against influenza, with no major adverse effects reported. Its vast potential as a broad-spectrum antiviral agent, defined through in vitro and in vivo studies, lends hope for its clinical use against various infectious diseases that are at present not therapeutically controlled. ...MORE...

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